Indoor Pendant

Created to illuminate interior spaces such as lobbies, atria, lounges, unique rooms, mixed-use areas, cafeteria, and halls. 

The luminaire consists of an aluminum top piece, a conical shade, and a concave opal acrylic lens at the bottom with decorative screws at the top & bottom portions giving it a charming look.  It provides an encompassing glow with illumination on all sides.  Standard ballast design is ceiling mounted in the round canopy and with option for remote ballast installation.

Specifiable highlights and options include:

  • Dimming
  • RGBW Programmable LEDs
  • Directional down light
  • Remote Driver
  • Emergency Battery Backup
  • Custom Design on Acrylic Lens
  • Fabric or Vinyl Shade


Dozens of these pendants are installed at the Walton County Elementary School in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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