Created to provide attractive illumination to interior spaces such as lobbies, atria, lounges, unique rooms, mixed-use areas, and halls. 

This high quality luminaire consists of a circular aluminum frame that has a longer inner shade enveloped by a shorter outer ring band with choice of fabric or vinyl materials. The outer and inner shades have bottom trim rings offered in standard white finish. Fabric or Vinyl Finishes are offered in standard mono-tone color. Two-tone and other color finishes are also available in customizable options. Refer to fabric & color finishes via the following link: Contact Solera for other options.

Specifiable highlights include:

  • Dimming options
  • Two circuit wiring
  • Custom color finishes for trim rings
  • Custom fabrics 
  • Vinyl or wood grain finish
  • Color changing LEDs
  • Mounting arrangements where a remote driver can be specified
  • Emergency battery


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